What are the publications and their distribution quantities?

Los Angeles County, CA 

  • Alhambra Unified (15,000)
  • Duarte Unified (4,100)
  • Garvey School District (6,500)
  • Hawthorne School District (12,500)
  • Little Lake City School District (5500)
  • Long Beach Unified (25,000)
  • Monrovia Unified (10,000)
  • Newhall School District (5,500)
  • Norwalk-La Mirada (25,000)
  • Palmdale School District (20,000)
  • Paramount Unified (13,000)
  • Redondo Beach Unified (20,000)
  • San Marino Unified (3500)
  • Torrance Unified (15,000)

Orange County, CA

  • Brea Olinda Unified (6500)
  • Centralia, Cypress, Magnolia, Savanna School Districts (25,000)
  • Fountain Valley, Ocean View, Westminster School Districts (20,000)
  • Fullerton School District (15,000)
  • Garden Grove Unified (40,000)
  • La Habra City School District (6500)
  • Los Alamitos Unified (15,000)
  • Newport-Mesa Unified (15,000)
  • Orange Unified (25,000)
  • Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified (15,000)
  • Saddleback Valley (17.000)
  • Tustin Unified (20,000)

Santa Clara County, CA 

  • Palo Alto Unified (9,500)

Kern County, CA 

  • Tehachapi (5,000)

    Annual County Superintendent Special Issues 

    • Los Angeles County – March (30,000)
    • Orange County – July (20,000)
    • Riverside County – January (10,000)


    • Orange County (10,000)

How is School News Roll Call distributed?

Distribution is varied per publication and is carefully monitored, as demand is greater than the supply. The majority of the distribution is to elementary students to take home, to the teachers and staff, door-to-door to individual homes on a rotating basis and to selected business locations in the community. Ask a sales representative for detailed distribution per publication. You may have your business included in the distribution.

Why advertise in School News Roll Call?

The quality of the public schools in a community sets the standard for the quality of the community. Everyone pays for public education and is a stakeholder.

Targeted: Based on availability, your advertisement may be placed on a specific school page within your sphere of influence, on a page with similar companies or anchored in a directory section that includes content specific to your business. If you normally do not advertise, ask about our unique sponsorship opportunities.

Frequency: Our publishing schedule varies by district from 4x to 12x per year. A sales representative will help you select a publication(s) to meet your advertising needs.

Shelf Life: SNRC is a niche publication with a long shelf life as it is often kept as a reference.

Branding: Many advertisers have found SNRC an excellent venue for branding their business – consistency produces results.

Consider: Including your web site in your ad drives the reader – your target market – to your site. Ultimately, the sale may come from your web site but started with your print ad.

What is the history of School News Roll Call?

School News Roll Call was founded in 2000 by Kay Coop to provide a venue to include information from every school in a school district to promote the excellence from the classrooms.